How does a cylinder from a petrol engine work?

The heart of an engine The cylinders are the main part of an internal-combustion engine. For less emissions and fuel consumption car brands produce cars with only 3 or 2 cylinders and a smaller cylinder capacity. Cars with only 2 cylinders are quite bad in acceleration and have an inconstant, unrhythmical sound. But some motorcycles have those types of engines because they have less weight and enough power for a two-wheel motorbike. Cylinder by cylinder
A cylinder with four strokes has an admission valve where the mixture of oxygen and fuel gets injected in the cylinder. As the piston rises, the poppet valve is forced shut by the increased cylinder pressure. Flywheel momentum drives the piston upward, compressing the fuel/air mixture. The sparkplug ignites the compressed fuel, at the top of compression stroke. As the fuel burns it expands, driving the piston downward. Now the connecting rod turns around and the crankshaft starts to circle. While it´s circling, opens the popped valve an…

Why is a petrol better than a diesel car

The issues with fuel
At the beginning, I must say that my mum is driving a diesel car and I am a bit ashamed, because diesel is not the clearest fuel in the world. Of course, it depends at first, from which petrol station you get your diesel from. Like the Jet station or the Roth one, some of them sell unclean petrol or diesel. So, that the mixture does not fit with the regulations from the European union. Or they get rid of old, -unclean, -dirty petrol rather than diesel. And of course, this fuel is cheap, cheaper than getting good fuel from OMV or bp, where you could be sure that your fuel is more clean. But if you filling in old or dirty diesel rather than petrol your emissions are higher rated and your particle filter suffers from this, so maybe it blocks up the fuel and your engine stops. To mend those issues, you need more money to fix it than to buy a high-quality propellant. I can understand, if your car or rather your engine is thirsty, the fuel should be quite cheap. But thi…